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Welcome to the pd4web documentation!

What is pd4web?

pd4web allows bring PureData functionality to browsers. This tool stands out from other approaches like hvcc (Command line that allows to compile to wasm and use it in JavaScript code) and WebPd (WebSite that compiles PureData patches to wasm) because it compiles the libpd source, this is possible mainly because of the work of claudeha. With pd4web, command line provided by pd4web, you can run your patch with externals on Web Pages.

In addition to the evident advantages inherent in streamlining the development of entirely online audio applications through a fully visual approach, my personal scholarly interest as a composer centers on the creation of electroacoustic and live electronics works. This focus is underpinned by the aspiration to facilitate performer access to compositions without the need for configuring intricate PureData patches, replete with numerous libraries requirements and susceptible to errors arising from platform disparities.

Additionally, a significant aspect of my research delves into the capacity of WebAudioApps to serve as an effective means for preserving works within the realm of live electronic music, because pd4web is restritive with the version used of the main libraries and repositories used in the compilation process.

Some Examples