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External Libraries

For those unfamiliar with programming, py4pd will be useful through its libraries. In essence, these libraries consist of Python code that can be used as PureData Objects. Because of the simplicity of Python, there is a new world of possibilities for PureData Objects. Presented below is a compilation of libraries used, for now, in my musical composition workflows. If you created a library, let me know to put it here too.

Check py4pd installation process here.

You can download the libraries using deken. To install the library search for the library name.

Gif of installation process

Install py4pd
Process of install py4pd-ji on PureData

List of Libraries

Library Name Description Author
py4pd-ji It creates an environment for the microtonal music composition, mainly for Just Intonation composition. Charles K. Neimog
orchidea It allows loading Orchidea samples using midi inputs. Charles K. Neimog
py4pd-upic It allows to convert svg to audio parameters Charles K. Neimog
py4pd-partials It allows to do Partial Tracking in PureData (under development yet) Charles K. Neimog
py4pd-freesound Get freesound sound in PureData (under development yet) Charles K. Neimog