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Internal Player

For musicians, it is important to put things in time. With the functions presented here, you can call specific functions using onset values. For example, in py4pd-upic I use pd.add_to_player to play svg draws that are used to control parameters. So each svg elements trigger some specific function at a specific point in time.

Set the right configuration

To use these methods the Python Object must be configurable with playable as True. See configuration for the player object.


  • Example

    It just returns a unique string.

    import pd
    def add_to_player(onset, thing):
        pd.add_to_player(onset, thing)
  • Arguments

    Parameters Type Description
    arg1 int Onset in milliseconds.
    arg2 Python Object Represents any Python entity; its output corresponds to the timestamp of onset.


  • Example

    Used to clear all events in the player.

    import pd
    def clear_player():
  • Arguments

    There is no args for this function.