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For the creation of the object, there are some options. Here I will explain each one.


These arguments are an essential part of py4pd. Not understanding it can generate problems, instabilities, and crash Pd.

Editor options

For those who work with Python, you can set the IDE editor in the creation of the py4pd. For now, we have four implemented IDEs:

  • -vscode: It is the default IDE, you do not need to use -vscode at least you have a py4pd.cfg file.
  • -nvim: It sets nvim as the editor of py4pd.
  • -emacs: It sets emacs as the editor of py4pd.
  • -sublime: It sets sublime as the editor of py4pd.
  • -gvim: It sets gvim as the editor of py4pd ( fferri).

Set function

You can load functions in the creation of the object. For that, you must put the script name and then the function name. The name of the script file always needs to be the first. You can use py4pd -canvas score note, py4pd score note -canvas, but py4pd note score -canvas or py4pd note -canvas score will not work when the script name is and note is the function.